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No.223 Scented Soy Candle - Jasmine Vanilla

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Our Jasmine and Vanilla Soy Candle is a scented candle that combines the delicate, floral aroma of jasmine with the warm, comforting scent of vanilla. The fragrance is typically described as a blend of the sweet, floral notes of jasmine with the rich, creamy scent of vanilla. When burned, our Jasmine and Vanilla Soy Candle creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, filling the room with a delightful and comforting fragrance that is both relaxing and uplifting. The natural soy wax used in these candles makes them environmentally friendly, as soy wax is derived from soybeans and is a renewable resource. The scent of our Jasmine and Vanilla Soy Candle is both romantic and soothing, making it a great choice for those who enjoy the sweet, floral scent of jasmine combined with the warm, comforting aroma of vanilla. It can be a great addition to a bedroom or living room, providing a sense of calm and relaxation. Burning tine: 225 g = 40 to 50 hours. Ingrdients: soy wax | fragrance oil | cotton and paper wick.